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About us

MLK-SAC, founded in 1993, advances and promotes the unfinished work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through teaching, proclaiming, interpreting, advocating, and promoting the non-violent elimination of poverty, racism and hate.

MLK-SAC's keynote event is the MLK Oratorical Contest, an annual event that commemorates the oratorical legacy of Dr. King and challenges our youth to present thematic speeches based on a yearly topic selected by a panel of five veteran educators as we promote Dr. King's philosophy of excellence in education. Not every college will have a fully-funded federal aid program, as it is up to the college to decide whether to participate in many federal grant programs. Therefore the scholarships we offer will go a long way toward reducing college student debt totals and even provide additional resources for those students who are preparing for college.

To-date MLK-SAC has given $160,000 in scholarships.

Our Founder & Chairman
Dr. George B. Jackson
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